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Dear Jacksonville, FL’s Black Community: This Is On Us

We Are the First Line of Defense in Protecting Our Children Since the beginning on 2018, the 5th  child has been shot in Jacksonville, FL.  Unfortunately, a 7 year old boy,  Tashawn Gallon was shot and killed this past Sunday night … Continue reading

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A Homegirl Rant

DUUUVAL!:  A Crash Course In The True Origin of This Rallying Cry Late last year, I was petitioning for the Second Chances Amendment initiative at the Jacksonville Beaches  Annual Craft Beer Festival.   I noticed a young gentleman selling t-shirts which … Continue reading

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No Brown Girls

One of my first experiences with racism was in about  the 2nd grade.  While in class, I used to sit next to a white girl named Rachel and a Puerto Rican girl named Denise.  We talked and laughed a lot … Continue reading

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Yes We Can and Yes We Did! Florida Will Be Able to Grant Second Chances

  Thanks to over a million Florida voters, the Voter Restoration Amendment will be on the ballot in November 2018. Nearly 1.5 million Floridians are permanently excluded from voting because of prior felony conviction. This past week, the Second Chances … Continue reading

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Rep. Joe Kennedy Jr.’s State of the Union rebuttal: The only portion of this address I’ll be watching

  Today, Co-founder of The Beat D.C. Tiffany Cross tells AM JOY she thinks the Democrats have “missed the boat” with their plan to have Rep. Joe Kennedy, III give the State of the Union rebuttal. Is this baby for … Continue reading

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White Lies: When the fear of being labeled a racist becomes more important than the existence of actual racism

  Racists cloaking for racists is as American as apple pie and it’s why racism is still a real issue in our country today. Many in white America have an intense fear of being labeled racist because they know there … Continue reading

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The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will live on forever, however, this legacy should no longer depend on his relatives

  I think we are at a point where we need to stop looking for the King family to be leaders in the civil rights movement going forward as their focus appears to be on elevating themselves and continuing to … Continue reading

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Is Europe A “Shithole” Continent?

  It’s only fair to ask since many Americans feel a need to justify Donald Trump’s “shithole” remarks If Haiti, El Salvador and African countries are “shithole” countries, Trump should at least apply this same logic to the numerous European … Continue reading

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Oprah Winfrey 2020? Why Not?

  Can We Really Pretend There Is A Real Standard For The Presidency After Donald Trump? Don’t get me wrong. I love Oprah but I have no desire for our government to be run by billionaires. However, I do take … Continue reading

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We Must Value, Support and Protect Our Children…All of Them

Forty percent of the homeless youth served by agencies identify as LGBT LGBT individuals face social isolation, discrimination, and rejection by their own families, which add to the physical and emotional strains/challenges, which all homeless individuals must wrestle with. Lesbian, … Continue reading

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