The Biggest Heist


As the minority party for the last eight plus years, the Democrats have done a fairly decent job battling to defend the Voting Rights Act, affirmative action and Roe vs Wade. Although these laws have yet to be completely repealed for now, plenty has been done on the state and local levels to chip away at their effectiveness. Under the Obama administration, marriage equality, the Affordable Care Act and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA were also Democratic milestones. As a result, the GOP decided they will no long accept continuous losses in the culture wars here, nor an impending change in the country’s demographic, so they enlisted the help of a foreign adversary just in time for the 2016 US presidential election-a murderous, white nationalist, Christian dictator to assist powerful, wealthy white American men in maintaining white supremacy and privilege within the United States. Unfortunately, many Americans are completely fine with foreign interference in our democracy if it means “white power” and turning back the clock on women, immigrants, the poor, sick, disabled, LGBTQ, black and brown people. Like it or not, America was largely founded on white supremacy but will this perpetual love affair with white supremacy eventually lead to our republic’s demise? When treasonous Americans make a deal with the “Devil” in order to preserve white supremacy, it’s a fair question. Anything which doesn’t evolve, doesn’t grow. Anything which doesn’t grow, doesn’t survive. As a country, we have to decide not only if we are truly determined to survive but if we are willing to do whatever it takes to survive even if it makes half the country uncomfortable. This romance with Russia is not sustainable for our democracy.

I don’t believe we have a legitimate American president currently occupying our White House. I don’t believe Russia just influenced or interfered in our election. I believe Russia hacked our election, changed votes and stole the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton. I believe our government is reluctant to tell “We The People” the 2016 election was stolen because they fear civil unrest, violence and anarchy. I believe Russia has infiltrated all levels of our government. I believe Russia has either directly or indirectly bribed and/or blackmailed a vast number of our politicians which is why our GOP controlled Congress has and will make no effort to censure or stop Trump. Russia’s interference in our democracy will only end when their current president is removed from power.


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PUBLIX: Where Shopping Is No Longer A Pleasure


I had a good laugh off of the latest ad being run by Adam Putnam, current FL Commissioner of Agriculture and Republican candidate for governor. I’m paraphrasing here: “The liberals look down on people who work with their hands, are the reason so many college kids have massive student loan debt and college degrees they can’t use.” Last I checked, there are a number of liberals who work with their hands. Two, college kids have massive debt because members of Putnam’s party refuse to rein in predatory, for-profit colleges. Lastly, a college degree you can’t use usually comes down to individual resourcefulness. It’s also why our young people could use guidance well into adulthood surrounding this matter.

Good ole Adam Putnam touts being a 5th or 6th generation Floridian, growing up on his family’s cattle ranch among citrus groves and knowing the value of hard work. Is this why Adam Putnam has a 4 year degree in from the University of Florida in Food and Resources Economics and has been a career politician since age 22? It’s laughable any working class person would even take Putnam seriously but this is who Publix chose to give nearly a million dollars to over a three year period.

It’s pretty clear the leadership at Publix lacks diversity and is pretty tone deaf not to realize Republican gun nuts are not the only people who shop at their stores or people whom were either directly or indirectly impacted by the Parkland Massacre would not be offended by any candidate such as Adam Putnam who gleefully defines himself as a “proud NRA sellout”.

I once loved shopping at the Publix less than three miles from my house. However, I’m one of those shoppers who took my business elsewhere after finding out Publix not only props up clown politicians like Adam Putnam but also does the following:

1. Publix refuses to guarantee farmworkers better wages and protections from sexual harassment.

2. Publix has been repeatedly accused of being hostile workplace for LGBTQ employees.

3. The heiress to their founder’s fortune funds anti-medical marijuana initiatives.

4. Publix fights local minimum-wage increases and environmental protections.

5. Publix has donated to gun-loving Republicans like Adam Putnam for years.


I didn’t participate in the “Die-Ins” coordinated by activists like David Hogg. At my age and weight, laying on floor and getting back up isn’t easy. But wherever you can’t show up and show out, let your money do it for you.

As of 5/25/2018 Publix has announced it’s “suspending” all political donations in the wake of the die-in protests. Mission accomplished? Let’s hope so.


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Before StarBucks, Calif. Airbnb, Yale, Lake Merritt Park Oakland and Grandview Gold Course there was the Rosewood Massacre

Don Cheadle

The last known survivor of the Rosewood Massacre died of lung cancer in hospice at the University of Florida Jacksonville, on May 2, 2018, with family members by her side. Mary Hall Daniels, 98, was just 3 years old when she experienced the mass killing of black people in her hometown of Rosewood in Levy County, Florida. She was believed to have escaped the region being carried by her mother, Mary Davis Hall, and older sister, Margie Hall, through a swamp and onto a train which traveled into Gainesville. Hall Daniels was one of nine siblings, all of whom have also passed away.

In January 1923, a white mob formed in Rosewood following a false claim a black man had sexually assaulted a white woman. The city of Rosewood was all but burned to the ground as people attempted to escape. At least six black people and two white people were believed to be killed, though it is speculated more than 100 black people were killed.

The next month, a Bronson jury found insufficient evidence to charge anyone involved in the massacre.

In the late 1990s, while take my pre-requisites for nursing school, I worked as a part-time security guard at the 42 story Barnett Bank building in downtown Jacksonville. At the time, reparations for the Rosewood Massacre was in the news on the heels of a movie being produced about the incident. I recall Holland & knight was a law firm located inside this building which helped secure the reparations for the descendants of the Rosewood Masscacre. I thought it was a cool thing at the time until I saw the 1997 movie “Rosewood”. The main character, Sylvester Carrier, was played by Don Cheadle who of course did a fine job. After seeing the movie, I realized no amount of money could suffice for what happened to these people, my people. I remember feeling confused, crying and being so angry. I had graduated from Stanton College Preparatory School, a national model school. I had a good education yet, I had never even heard of the Rosewood Massacre. As I reflect on this I have to ask myself how many white people have been assaulted or murdered over black people lying on them? How many predominantly white communities have come undersiege by law enforcement or been burned to the ground by the Black Panthers over lies?

Law enforcement must recognize and reject being weaponized against communities of color. It’s time to call for legislation to address the racial profiling and gentrification tactics which prompt these false “I see black people” police reports.



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Living While Black: White America Has Generally Always Feared Black People


The Origin of White Fear Is Rooted In Slavery

Not only is the origin of white fear rooted in slavery but for many, it’s been a necessity in maintaining white supremacy through the ages and today. White fear is built into white America’s DNA and is deeply entrenched in stereotypes of the black man as an angry, vengeful predator which relate back to slave rebellions. Unlike Kanye “sunken place” West, the rest of us know there were slave revolts because slavery was NOT a choice. The 1831 rebellion led by black slave Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia, was the bloodiest example. Turner led a group of slaves and freed blacks to plantations around the county, killing more than 50 white people. In the rebellion’s aftermath, the state executed 56 blacks while white militias murdered at least 100 more blacks. The uprising also inspired legislation which made the education of slaves and free blacks illegal. The ultimate goal of white supremacy has always been to control black mind and bodies. This has largely been a success in my opinion. The dates have changed but the thought processes and behaviors as inspired by white supremacy have not.

Subconscious and implicit bias, play an important role in white fear, particularly for a very large segment of white Americans who would reject the notion of being a racist. Whether it’s instinctively calling the police on two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks for not purchasing a product and quickly leaving the establishment, or calling police on 4 black women for using Grandview golf course too slowly. We see this bias and fear at work when two black men working on a stalled car get the policed called out. The same police officer posted on Reddit that basically white people are wasting police time with these bogus calls. Or when a white person calls the police reporting a suspicious person that’s actually their new black neighbor. Most recently, a Colorado mom called police on two Native American boys who were removed from a campus tour because she felt threatened by the boys being “too quiet”. Seriously? After what the white man has done to these people, Native Americans should be the ones calling police every time they see white people. I even recall an incident as new nurse where as a result of a professional dispute( no yelling, cursing, threats) with a white female nurse colleague, I had security called on me while on duty caring for patients at a local hospital. This wasn’t the 1960s but around 2003. Fortunately, the hospital security rightly didn’t take the bait and it’s very important members of law enforcement not use their authority to validate bias, bigotry and racism, either. If police wish to began to gain the respect of minority communities, start here.

These subconsious & implicit biases develop in young children based on the information, signals and impressions they’re being provided by others. As a young, southern black kid in grade school, listening to random comments from white classmates, it was very apparent they were taught to fear black people and black neighborhoods. It’s long past time to “raise better white people”. You can’t tell black people to get over stuff that really hasn’t ended. Further, the past isn’t really the past if you’re still using your great grandpappy’s playbook in dealing with black people.

I’ve long felt racism isn’t a black issue, as much as it is a white American issue in which white America must be willing to own, address, and dedicate themselves to progress with regards to race relations. If they aren’t willing to do this, maybe it’s time to start tickets or fines people for making false reports to police especially if these incidents lead to injury, deaths, unlawful arrests, lawsuits, boycotts, job/business losses etc. I find it very unsettling people will choose to call police only on certain groups of people in the absence of a crime and not care that it could mean injury or death for them. America has a lot of work to do and we’ve yet to scratch the surface.



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Unapologetically Black, Woman & Democrat: I Don’t Have To Defend My Political Persuasion…But I Can and I Will


When Chance the Rapper stated, “Black people don’t have to be Democrats”. I took this as Chance taking a swipe at Democrats and folks who vote Democrat, namely other black people. This is why he deserves as much ire as Kanye West. Chance went on to say “The next president will be independent?” How does this brother figure this? Besides the fact that the Independent party technically doesn’t have a national candidate or platform, Bernie Sanders, an Independent candidate from Vermont, slyly seeking the Democratic nomination for 2020 really doesn’t count. Can this brother or anyone else prove an Independent politician is immune to being brought by special interests? Can anyone prove that an Independent politician is immune to taking black voters for granted? Further, can anyone point to any policies an Independent politician has produced which has furthered the black community? I’ll wait.

Chance the Rapper was the benefactor of recognition from his work in Chicago by Barack Obama, the first black president who is also a Democrat. Does Chance really think Donald Trump would have recognized him for his work in Chicago? Does Chance think Bernie Sanders would have recognized him? What qualifies Chance or anyone else to look down on black people for voting Democrat? Being rich? Having a crossover white progressive fanbase with regards to his music? While I’m very thankful for many of our white progressive allies on the left I do still view many of them with suspicion because at the end of the day, the white privilege is still all theirs. So I will NEVER allow them to control the narrative by saying it’s no longer about race anymore it’s about class. It has always been about race and will continue to be all about race for many years to come.

The unlawful arrest of two black men at Starbucks in Philadelphia. The mass shooting of black/brown people at Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee by a self-identified white supremacist. The recent golfing while black and female at Grandview Golf Course. The presidential election of white mediocrity aka Donald Trump.

Here is why this proud, life-long Democrat will remain loyal to the party: The Democrats have fiercely defended these values:

1) Civil rights

2) Voting rights

3) Womens’ rights

4) LGBTQ rights


6) Black homeownership

7) ACA/Obamacare

8) My Brothers’ Keeper (a program started by Obama and ended by Trump as soon as he took office)

9) Black job creation (the decrease in black unemployment is the result of Obama’s efforts not Trump’s)

10) Black access to higher education

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Why the “Democratic Plantation” Slur Needs To End…Like Yesterday

via Why the “Democratic Plantation” Slur Needs To End…Like Yesterday

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Why the “Democratic Plantation” Slur Needs To End…Like Yesterday


I Don’t Care Who Says It, It’s Wrong

For every white “free thought” defender of Kanye West’s recent full embrace of Donald Trump, you’ll also find about the same number who will attack members of the black community for choosing to vote Democrat by calling us “sheep”, the “herd” and “slaves on a plantation”. Even black millenials whom have been bamboozled by Russian bots posing as black activists or those who just wish to align themselves with the values of their fellow white millenials have joined the fray, which they have every right to do as long as they recognize they’ll never be able to partake of their counterparts’ white privilege.

The reality of it is, not all black people are living on a wing and prayer. Some of are smart enough not to lay on the beach of life waiting for a hero or savior. We know your hero is staring back at you in the mirror everyday. Many of us make decent choices and live well as a result. Believe it or not, we also have the intellect to research and vote the issues, which is ultimately why we are Democrats or tend to vote this way.

If you truy respect black free thinkers, then respect each one of us, regardless of our political persuasion or whether we embrace Trump or not. Choosing to only embrace black people who think the way you want them to or because they make you feel less deplorable is simply about your comfort and need to control.

Lastly, if you wouldn’t use the term “concentration camp” to attack the voting choices of Jewish Americans don’t utilize the phrase “Democratic plantation” to describe black people who vote Democrat. It’s racist, ignorant and insensitive to the atrocities my black ancestors suffered during slavery. Black slaves had no choices. Black slaves couldn’t vote.

Don’t diminish me because my political persuasion doesn’t suit your taste. Most importantly, don’t diminish my people who made the ultimate sacrfice so I can still exist today.


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The Unlawful Arrest of Two Black Men In Starbucks Is Not the Result of Implicit Bias but Explicit Bias…So Why Are We Closing An Entire Company For One Day, Again?


It’s not a Starbucks problem…it’s an American problem. What happened in Starbucks happens everyday in America, several times as day. Explicit bias refers to the attitudes and beliefs one has about a person or group of people on a conscious level. Much of the time, these biases and their expression arise as the direct result of a perceived threat, the main reason, the police were called in this case, I would presume. Explicit bias can not only be extremely disruptive but deadly. It’s often why many unarmed black men have died at the hands of police or citizen vigilantes. Many members of the black community know full well this Starbucks incident could have easily turned violent if the wrong group of cops had taken the call (the group of cops who did answer the call, were far from the best or the brightest). So forgive me for not being here for the former white female manager and her family’s suffering.

Sometimes you just have to send a message by making an example out of people. Unfortunately, the only thing people respond to is the bottom line or loss of money. Apologies are fine and I like Starbucks but they should be sued over this as should the Philadelphia police department. People hate lawyers for litigating these types of cases, but lawyers have their place in changing the world. Change is good.

Instead of required diversity training which many agree doesn’t work, maybe it’s time for employers to become more proactive in utilizing tools which will gauge explicit bias in prospective employees and most importantly detect individuals who have explicitly racist tendencies so they can avoid employing these individuals to began with but refer them out to professionals who may be able to assist them in getting over this issue. I realize this could open up additional issues, for those who would argue this would be discriminatory towards whites, as let’s face it, they tend to be the main offenders of explicit bias which often lead to explicitly racist incidents. At the end of the day, the risks outweigh the benefits. In the age of social media and camera phones, these individuals’ actions can sink a company, it’s brand and possibly have many other workers out of a job. People will argue anything, often times just to be the opposite of others. Maybe there are those who would still argue the right to hire individuals whom are prone explicit bias. One thing I do know, regardless of your life experience, how you were raised or taught you can “unlearn” thoughts, ideas and behaviors rooted in bias.

Moral of the story: Being a racist is a choice. Don’t be a racist. It’s very costly.



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MLK: A Broken Man Who Never Recovered? Seriously?


At first, I thought this was an April Fool’s joke. I’m not really sure if Politico thought it’s latest story about Martin Luther King Jr.’s secret white girlfriend was the best way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his assassination. I like most African-Americans found MLK’s legacy to be so much more than a secret love affair with anyone for that matter. Further, is it me or are articles like this meant paint “Black love” as something which doesn’t really exist? Or black women as someone black men had to settle for and not someone their husbands truly desired? Stories like these come off as if prominent black men such as MLK or Barack Obama somehow had to settle for black wives simply because they previously had romantic affairs with white women? If a man has chosen to remain married to the same women for decades, fathered children with her, built a life with her, does it really matter what happened before this and with whom?

Most people are able to desire and value an inclusive society without ever being a party to an interracial relationship. The romanticized notion this secret relationship somehow defined MLK the activist is a bit of a reach. If anything defined MLK the activist and the Civil Rights Movement, it would be his life experience as a black man living in the Jim Crow South as well as that of other black citizens. The rest is history.

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If the Laura Ingraham controversy isn’t proof Americans sees race much more than many of us would like to admit, I don’t know what is. Parkland survivor David Hogg has it right. Laura Ingraham is ONLY apologizing for money as she didn’t offer famed basketball player LeBron James an apology after saying the athlete shouldn’t opine politics but should “just shut up and dribble.” Nor did she lose one sponsor over this racist comment. In 2018, in the United States of America, there are no consequences for a white woman telling a prominent black man to shut up, stay in his place, forget his own skin color and keep entertaining fans while men who look like him are repeatedly executed by police. However, when Laura Ingraham mocked a white teen survivor of a mass shooting, the response was swift. I must admit, when it comes to lining up these right wing nutjobs, hellbent on continuing to divide our country, I don’t care about the method as much as the outcome. In other words, whomever, however and whatever it takes to bring down Fox News and it’s cronies, I’m here for it. If you’re a serious activist yet not calling for boycotts, you’re not doing it right.

Ingraham has alway had a lucrative career as a snarling, sarcastic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic shrew in the deplorables market. But before this, as a student at Dartmouth in the 1980s, Ingraham became editor of the conservative Dartmouth Review. She directed one of her reporters to infiltrate a meeting of the campus LGBT group and record students’ conversations. Laura Ingraham then published the transcript, outing many of these students to their classmates, and sent tapes of the meetings to the students’ parents. This was a time in history when being gay could totally ruin a person. To my knowledge, Ingraham never apologized to her former classmates or their parents. Further, her views on the LBGTQ community only softened once she witnessed her gay brother and his partner cope with AIDS. Ingraham supports civil unions yet is against marriage equality.

Ingraham’s time has come. When you get dragged by a teenager, you had it coming for a very long time. Bye Miss Laura. You won’t be missed.

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