White Lies: When the fear of being labeled a racist becomes more important than the existence of actual racism


Racists cloaking for racists is as American as apple pie and it’s why racism is still a real issue in our country today. Many in white America have an intense fear of being labeled racist because they know there can be real repercussions. Racists are generally seen as bad people with no credibility or redeeming qualities. Nobody wants to deal with them much less make a deal with them, hence the current “#TrumpShutdown.” If only these folks could get past the label, acknowledge the issue, make changes and move forward. I can’t stress enough racism isn’t just about being mean. People benefit from racism and they want to continue to benefit. Since racism has it’s benefits, there is no real incentive to not be racist or even to end institutional racism.

How many of you are pretty sure Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsay Graham heard Trump’s “shithole countries” comments loud and clear as did Senators Cotton, Perdue and DHS Secretary Neilsen? How many of you know as fellow white men, Senators Durbin and Graham were expected to conceal Trump’s racism because let’s face it, being white and calling out racism can get you uninvited to the country club real quick, among other things. If you’re a white person and you want a crash course in what it’s like to be black, just start calling out the racism of other white people. You’ll be certified. Trust me. I’ve seen a number of white people completely railroaded for speaking out against racism and/or uncovering it. When they do so, they deserve the respect of everyone, especially people of color.

The officials lying on Trump’s behalf are making a choice to continue their benefits and privileges at the expense of people who would be negatively impacted by Trumps’ racist policies. Further, they could also see themselves in Trump. Many people knowingly have racist views yet don’t wish to think of themselves as racist. You can’t have it both ways. But you can get help and you should.

The American immigration is rooted in racism and always has been. That’s not really new, either. What’s new is a modern day president explicity stating he prefers immigrants from Norway not “shithole countries” which house most of the world’s black/brown people. Frankly, I’m not surprised Trump prefers “white immigrants only” to enter the US. His wife is a European immigrant and as she inches towards 50, I’m sure Trump is about ready for her replacement.

I don’t like the idea of any American president purposely allowing DACA protections to near expiration, then calling black/brown countries “shithole countries” while hoping for an influx of “white only” immigrants AND expecting American citizens to trust he will be fair to all people. We cannot stand for this type of government sponsored racist assault on people of color regardless of their immigration status.

Vigilance is imperative. Mobilization is vital. We must, we shall and we will overcome.









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The Quirky Eccentric is an author and licensed registered nurse in the state of Florida with over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. I received my Associate of Science in Nursing from Florida Community College at Jacksonville and my Bachelor's Degree from Jacksonville University-news/politics junkie, urban, Mama's girl, cat woman, socially lazy, loner, liberal. I firmly believe you can learn something from anybody, I respect people from all walks of life, equality for all. Check out my page on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B073YKYGL7
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5 Responses to White Lies: When the fear of being labeled a racist becomes more important than the existence of actual racism

  1. Preach on! As a white woman, I still have a lot of work to do in getting my people together, and I hope and pray that I and other white women will continue to push ourselves into those “uncomfortable” situations anyways.

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