You’re Good Enough, You’re Smart Enough, And Dog-Gone It, I Still Like You

I belong to two groups of people who eat their own like no other: Nurses and Democrats

I am a strong black woman. I am a proud, lifelong liberal Democrat. I believe in womens’ rights, womens’ empowerment and I do not want Senator Al Franken to resign.

Senator Al Franken has recently been accused of sexual misconduct on a 2006 U.S.O. Tour by morning radio host Leann Tweeden, who posted a photo of Franken apparently groping her breasts while she was asleep. Sen. Al Franken has since issued a statement apologizing to Leeann Tweeden and she’s accepted that apology.

I don’t doubt or diminish what happened to Ms. Tweeden, the photograph says it all. I’m sure this situation caused her much concern and distress for some time. However, I do feel the information Ms. Tweeden, a conservative, provided was strategic and meant to even the score with regards to various Republicans who have recently been pelted with numerous accusations and charges of sexual misconduct. Further, the right wing gleefully seized an opportunity to show Democrats that one of your best Senators wasn’t so squeaky clean after all. Although Senator Al Franken had influence in the entertainment industry as a comedian at the time of this incident, he was not a sitting US senator nor running for political office. For this reason, I find it odd any Democrat would be calling for Senator Al Franken’s resignation.

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all said and done things that were stupid, inappropriate, wrong and even downright mean. Anyone who claims otherwise, I wouldn’t turn my back on them. Unless we’re talking a pattern of sexual misconduct or an acute episode, I certainly believe in second chances.

I see no reason why Democrats should have to lose a great Senator whom has acknowledged his mistake, apologized and welcomed an ethics investigation while Donald “pussy grabber in chief” Trump remains in the White House and unrepentant pedophile Roy Moore remains in the Alabama Senate race. Neither of these men have owned up to what they’ve done, neither has apologized, neither will relieve themselves of their positions and as a country we will simply accept this defiance as their base remains behind them. “Power over morals” is the real GOP slogan.

The people of Minnesota are generally still behind Senator Al Franken since the sexual misconduct accusation and photograph. Democrats should remain behind him as well.

At the end of the day, it’s more important to change the culture of powerful men using their influence to exploit, abuse and control women rather than just punish certain men only because they are willing to admit to what they’ve done and be held accountable. It’s the remorseless, pathological liars who refuse to accept responsibility currently occupying the highest offices in the land we should be more concerned about.




About TheQuirkyEccentric

The Quirky Eccentric is an author and licensed registered nurse in the state of Florida with over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. I received my Associate of Science in Nursing from Florida Community College at Jacksonville and my Bachelor's Degree from Jacksonville University-news/politics junkie, urban, Mama's girl, cat woman, socially lazy, loner, liberal. I firmly believe you can learn something from anybody, I respect people from all walks of life, equality for all. Check out my page on Amazon:
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