In 2017, Why Does It Still Have To Be So Hard To Be A Woman?


I’ve been a proud former patient of Planned Parenthood, utilizing an array of their services. They provide excellent care and I’d highly recommend them to others. Years back, I recall going to my local Planned Parenthood one afternoon to pick up my birth control patches. I wasn’t the least bit concerned about the small group of protestors stationed on the front side walk holding signs until a white man wearing a ball cap and shades yelled, “We love you ma’am!” It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up before it made me incredibly angry. I saw it as an invasion of my privacy to be heckled in the parking lot regarding a place I chose to go to as a free, adult woman for my family planning choices by a strange man I didn’t know and whom didn’t know me. I had been a patient of Planned Parenthood off and on for years and surprisingly never had such an experience before. As I got into my car, I thought to myself, what if I had been there for an abortion that day or even for abortion counseling? Abortion is not an easy decision anyone would take lightly but it’s a personal decision a woman has to live with for the rest of her life. Further, why should any woman have to defend having a legal medical procedure, especially to a strange man.

I’ve NEVER had much respect for the so-called pro-life bunch in large part due to their hypocrisy and inconsistencies on abortion. I didn’t need to know about GOP congressman Tim Murphy’s request to his mistress to have an abortion to know this bunch will say and do anything to look good in public and acquire large donor money then do something totally different when they think nobody knows. Further, you can’t be for capital punishment and truly be pro-life. A life is a life. Lastly, the anti-abortion movement just like the anti-birth control movement is all about cutting funding for womens’ health services in an effort to control the sexuality of women while our tax dollars continue to fund Viagra and penile implants through Medicare and Medicaid. Higher STD rates among the 55 and older crowd have even been attributed to these elderly men’s medically induced sexual prowess. And guess what? They’re not contracting these diseases from their wives.

It would be nice if our male politicians used their power and influence to dismantle rape culture, to speak out against sexual harassment and domestic violence rather than control and coerce women about their own bodies. I wish these same male politicians would figure out why most violent crimes, especially those involving firearms are mostly committed by men instead of seeing the sexual freedom of women and a woman’s right to choose as the number one threat to our society. It’s not.


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The Quirky Eccentric is an author and licensed registered nurse in the state of Florida with over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. I received my Associate of Science in Nursing from Florida Community College at Jacksonville and my Bachelor's Degree from Jacksonville University-news/politics junkie, urban, Mama's girl, cat woman, socially lazy, loner, liberal. I firmly believe you can learn something from anybody, I respect people from all walks of life, equality for all. Check out my page on Amazon:
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