Has White America Been Good To Black Athletes in the NFL?


The Testerone Sanctuary Has Been Disturbed-Many Are Scrambling For Another Past Time

Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve never been a sports fan of any kind, especially the NFL. If these players and team owners aren’t a part of a major news story, I’m honestly at a loss as to who most are. I’ve always seen the NFL as high priced slavery. To me, you give these hungry young men all this money and fame, they get hurt, they get old, then it’s on to more fresh meat. I don’t look down on people who like the NFL, it’s just never been my cup of tea.

Black people make up 70 percent of the NFL, yet 83 percent of its fan base is white. Additonally, this fan base is overwhelmingly, wealthy, male and conservative. Given this demographic, it’s pretty obvious why many NFL fans are very quite angry with the NFL protests, seeing these black players as “overpaid crybabies” who should focus solely on black on black crime. The interesting thing about these “black people should focus solely on black on black crime” folks is one can’t look at this issue and still not see its roots in white supremacy and institutional racism. Be careful what you wish for.

When I’ve purchased an artist’s product or attended their shows in the past, I never felt I owned that artist. There are those whom are so quick to tell the black community slavery has been over for 150 years, however, the mentality which led to the enslavement of black people still persists. Some of the social media comments I viewed regarding these NFL protests, made me feel, “Oh my God, they really think they own these black men.” Too many NFL fans think their purchase of season tickets or jerseys means these black men have given up their right to have feelings about an issue which directly affects them-police brutality and racial profiling.

This belief that black athletes making millions from their own athleticism, is all because “America, namely white America has been good to them” is about as racist as it gets. Even when black people are talented and productive, many in white America still feel they are giving black people something. So it’s as if black people have no real ability to truly earn anything of our own volition. Do these same people feel America has been good to Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? I doubt it. These white men are fully credited for the accumulation their own wealth and prominence.

This is why the response to NFL protests have yet to be about acknowledging the prevasiveness of police brutality and finding solutions, but affecting the livelihoods and finances of wealthy black players including team owner Shad Khan.

And yes, your favorite NFL player can be a black guy and you can still be racist.








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6 Responses to Has White America Been Good To Black Athletes in the NFL?

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  2. I think owners of any NFL view the players as a valuable asset that makes them a lot of money as long as they stick to the teams agendas, So, Yes they treat the players well when they are in the team facilities and of course on game days.

    However if you step away from the team agendas you will very well he was your job. Therefore it’s a Catch-22.

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    • I just don’t like how so many black athletes are forgotten about by people once they’re older or experience illness and injury. They’ve made these team owners all this money, people have gotten money and material things from them over the years when they were riding high. Many of them retire in poverty, are in bad shape in their later years and frankly alone. I’ve cared for a couple as a nurse and it’s sad. I just think more needs to be done to protect them if they play.

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    • Thanks for your response.


  3. Can I ask “Good” how? As in compensation? I’ll be brutally honest…. I believe it’s just modern-day slavery. Just another way society has exploited the natural-born talents and physicality of black men. It’s no coincidence that the NFL and NBA, some of the most physically demanding sports we have today, are dominated by black athletes. So when they sit quiet, practice and play their contractually-obligated games, everything is all good in the hood, like monsterphotoiso mentioned. But even when they peacefully protest and stand up for their rights, suddenly they’re a “Son of a Bitch”…. It’s even worse if those men have come from nothing. Saying anything could put them back right where they started. It’s masterful, yet evil, really.


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