The Divided States of America & Presidential Red Meat Rallies

Donald Trump should stop using the American flag, the national anthem and the armed services as a political football in silencing black dissent. We see you, Mr. Trump. Here is a man who has personally recieved multiple draft deferments. Here is a man who has attacked Senator John McCain as not being a true war hero simply because he was captured. Here is a man who has attacked gold star families like the Khans. However, here is a man who also encourages police violence at his rallies.

Player contracts have nothing to do with our flag, national anthem or our armed forces so many are only pretending these players have a duty of allegiance to either of these things. NFL players did not stand for the national anthem until the United States Department of Defense started paying the league to stage patriotic displays in 2009.These military pageants currently being performed at sporting events are all about recruiting young people for war, which has NOTHING to do with the players themselves.

Donald Trump does not and cannot speak for military servicemen and women. I asked an active duty soldier in my family if he was offended by Colin Kaepernick taking a knee. Not only is he not offended but so many other veterans are also not offended.

We still can’t get this president to release his tax returns yet he wants to give NFL owners his unsolicited advice on how to handle their players. Unlike Trump, these NFL owners have real wealth, and they didn’t come by that real wealth being idiots.



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The Quirky Eccentric is an author and licensed registered nurse in the state of Florida with over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the healthcare industry. I received my Associate of Science in Nursing from Florida Community College at Jacksonville and my Bachelor's Degree from Jacksonville University-news/politics junkie, urban, Mama's girl, cat woman, socially lazy, loner, liberal. I firmly believe you can learn something from anybody, I respect people from all walks of life, equality for all. Check out my page on Amazon:
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