Bait and Kill: Does Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law Provide Legal Cover For Certain Citizens To Kill Black Men?


Mr. Michael Centanni IV, 26, of Jacksonville, FL, is still walking free after he shot and killed his neighbor, husband and father, 22-year-old Mr. Keegan Roberts. The shooting occurred just after midnight on 7/20/2017, on Peach Street, just south of Beach Boulevard. Mr. Centanni told police he shot Mr. Roberts when Mr. Roberts produced a gun during a verbal altercation.

According to Mr. Roberts’ widow, Mrs. Roberts, she saw Mr. Centanni enter her property right before her husband was shot to death in their driveway. Despite Mr. Centanni’s claim of self-defense Mrs. Roberts stated her husband’s firearm never left his waistband.

Attorney John Phillips, who represents the Roberts’ family, recently sent a media release detailing new information as to the night of the shooting.

According to Mr. Phillips, Mr. Roberts and his pregnant wife were sitting in their car in the driveway when Mr. Centanni approached them in an aggressive manner which prompted Mr. Roberts to exit his vehicle. After exiting his vehicle, Mr. Roberts was shot three to four times. Mr. Phillips said it’s “his understanding” the neighbor claimed Mr. Roberts pointed a gun at him. However, Mr. Phillips also disputes Mr. Roberts had a gun, but said even if Mr. Roberts was armed, he didn’t fire a shot, and had the right to defend his property and his wife.

Mr. Phillips and Mr. Roberts’ family met with the State Attorney’s Office recently and was told until there is more evidence, there will be no arrest.

Mr. Centanni’s freedom comes at a major cost to the Roberts family. Mrs. Roberts lost their unborn child after a 5 month pregnancy due to stress. Mr. Roberts’ mother and Mrs. Roberts’ mother-in-law, Ms. Cecilia Shepard, recently had to bury her son and granchild.

The Roberts family deserves answers from local law enforcement. If the roles were reversed, Mr. Roberts would be in jail today. The community needs to know why SYG and self-defense laws in Florida only appear to benefit certain citizens but not others.

Yesterday evening, while on my way to an ACLU meeting, I heard Ms. Shepard speak about her son’s case on a local radio program. She spoke about how Mr. Centanni is discussing her son’s shooting death with neighbors, with some neighbors indicating Mr. Centanni expressed remorse while other reported he was unapologetic. Further Ms. Shepard stated, Mr. Centanni first claimed SYG then basic self-defense. Mr. Centanni has reportedly expressed interest in becoming a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer. Do we really want to give a person like this a badge and a gun?

Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Keegan Roberts………………………………………who will be next?



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  1. I do believe this law benefits one demographic only

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