Da Juice: Why Is America Still Obsessed With OJ Simpson?

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I was floored at the number of documentaries I saw on OJ Simpson this past weekend. We have a crime family currently occupying our White House and all we have time to do is cover a troubled, washed up, baller who got away with murder in the 1990s?

I was a 9th grader during the OJ Simpson verdict. We watched the verdict in school on TV at Stanton College Preparatory High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Back then, I recall thinking OJ Simpson was guilty as sin. He either committed the murders or had them done. Further, I really didn’t get why other members of the black community were rallying behind this man. OJ Simpson could care less about the black community and even less about black women. Or maybe the black community was celebrating the craftiness of the late attorney, Johnnie Cochran, in beating a justice system that’s inherently biased against black men. I’m still not impressed, never have been and never will be.

OJ Simpson just rode the brutal historical wave of black men being falsely accused of crimes against white women to justify violence against them (Scottsboro Boys, Central Parks Five). As a result of this, OJ Simpson was given the benefit of doubt he didn’t deserve. Those days are basically over, and unfortunately, too many of these prominent black men accused of crimes today are indeed guilty in my opinion.

There’s nothing new regarding well known, wealthy men being womanizers or treating the women they are supposed to love like objects. There’s nothing new regarding star power affording people an even greater benefit of the doubt when accused of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, there’s nothing new regarding women eventually being murdered by their domestic abusers.

What’s new is an African-American male being found not guilty in not one murder, but the murder of two white people and coming put of prison to a potentially healthy NFL pension after a nine year prison sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery. Culturally, we are not used to this. Much of the anger and racial divide over the OJ Simpson verdict in the deaths of Ms. Brown-Simpson and Mr. Goldman is that white America is largely used to receiving justice, especially when the perpatrator is black. However, this has NEVER been a guarantee for others, especially African-Americans. The black community has it’s credentials in eating injustice. Is it time for people to move on and just accept that OJ Simpson got away with murder like so many others and let karma take it’s course?



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