The Subtle Erasure of Black Femininity

Today’s urban culture continually promotes the aesthetic narrative put forth as one in which the males are always black and the females are usually white, if not racially ambiguous as some sort of deceptive trade-off.

John Ridley’s new mini-series “Guerilla” which debuted on Showtime on April 16, 2017, is largely based on a radical political group during U. K.’s anti-racist movement of the 1970s. The show features Indian actress Frieda Pinto, opposite a love interest portrayed by black British actor Babou Ceesay.

I’d like to address the reasoning Mr. Ridley provided behind the casting of Ms. Pinto. First, if Mr. Ridley’s goal was to accurately depict history in his work, it should’ve been done without making it so much about him and his personal relationship. Write an autobiography!

Mr. Ridley was noted as saying his wife is a fighter and an activitist. Fantastic! Then dedicating this mini-series to your wife, would have been more appropriate than taking a historically significant story to the U.K.’s black community, turning it into an interracial love story and not expect this same community to largely reject this. There’s a time and place for everything.

Second, when pressed on the historical accuracy of this mini-series, during a recent Q & A, Mr. Ceesay reportedly responded with a counter challenge to the children of the actual radical political group members. If Mr. Ceesay wasn’t aware of the true story upon which “Guerilla ” is loosely based, he should’ve refrained from commenting. I’m pretty sure his professionalism or lack thereof did nothing to increase viewership.


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